Thursday 7 March 2013

Jessica Oxley's Roma Beauty Case Product Review

Product Details
  • The largest in our range of handheld cases the Roma is spacious and sturdily constructed
  • British designed aluminium beauty case perfect for professionals and everyone in the beauty industry
  • Also suitable for home use as it is roomy enough to store all your beauty; makeup; and hair essentials
  • Inside there are four sliding and extending trays for smaller items such as clips; rollers and tubes
  • The deep compartment below is spacious enough to hold larger equipment: towels; hairdryers; straighteners etc
  • Width 45cm;Height 36cm;Depth 24cm;Weight 5.00Kilograms
 Roma Beauty Case Product Video Review from of our customer Jessica Oxley.
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Getlippie blogspot's Monaco Beauty Trolley Review From

This is the Monaco Beauty Trolley from, and she's been on my beauty wishlist for longer than I care to remember, certainly since before I became a beauty blogger! Now I have one finally, and I'm wondering what took me so long ... Makeup storage has been a problem for me for a very long time, I've been collecting makeup for the best part of 20 years, after all!

The Monaco is a professional trolley, designed with hair stylists and makeup artists alike.  It consists of two parts, the lower, deep section, which you can set up as you like with the included dividers, and the top section, which is a more traditional kind of train case.  It comes complete with a spare lid so you can use the two sections individually:
I'm absolutely in love with this, I keep it in the living room next to my desk, and I keep the top filled with my foundation collection, and the bottom has all the stuff I haven't got around to reviewing yet ...
It's fairly hefty, reaching about 2 & 1/2 feet tall, and it weighs a good 20lbs empty, but it feels good and sturdy,  and as I won't be dragging it around airports and the like, the weight doesn't bother me too much.  It holds a fair amount too:
I like that the bottom section is deep so you can keep taller products in there, and that it comes complete with a tray for smaller items too.  You also get a carry-strap for carrying around the top section as a case if you so wanted.

It also comes a luggage handle, so you can pull it around with you.  There's a lot of good detailing:
I really wasn't expecting the snakeskin effect on the leather covering the case, so that came as a really nice surprise, it's lockable, and easy to take apart and put together, I really love it.  It'd make the perfect present for someone who is obsessed with makeup, and it makes a great talking point!

You can get this in black or baby-pink too, and it costs £127.45 from the Monaco Trolley page at  But, if your needs are lesser than mine (and they most likely are), then beauty-boxes.comhave a fantastic range of other storage products for your makeup, so you can't go wrong ...

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Wednesday 6 March 2013

Somanylovelythings' blogspot - Genoa cosmetics and make-up trolley from Beauty Boxes

If you are a make-up mad person as I am, I doubt you never dreamt about having all your lovely cosmetics organised in a gorgeous beauty trolley.

I mean, just think about having everything visible, in one safe place that is mobile. Well, I no longer have to dream.

The Genoa trolley from Beauty Boxes is a “workstation on wheels” and it is suitable for make-up artists and beauticians, as well as to have at home. It’s not too big and bulky, so it sits comfortably even in homes that don’t have that much space (like mine), and because it is very pretty, it can (and should) be on show!

The delivery service was exceptional – next day and I got an email on the day specifying an hour time slot for delivery, and it came 5 minutes into the slot. In all my excitement, I opened the box to find an amazingly sturdy, finished to a high standard trolley, with very smooth hinges and sliders. There are two mirrors inside and it also comes with two make-up brushes holders which can be hung on the trolley when open. The top compartments have a good depth and the bottom part too – it’s deep enough to fit hair tools. It also has a key.

I fit most of my make-up in it, well, the usual suspects that is, leaving out many odds and sods, some palettes and a few products I haven’t opened yet! At the top I put my face and lip products. In the second fold of drawers I put my single eye shadows and all eye stuff. In the compartments at the bottom, I put my beloved Urban Decay palettes and bags with the other eyes, lips and face stuff I use less often. There were two empty compartments where I could put my other eye shadow palettes, skincare and/or hair dryer, straighteners, curlers and products. On top of it, when closed, I had the brush holders and my lovely Revlon mirror with lights, so the trolley is really versatile!
In terms of mobility, I found it is not too heavy when loaded. The wheels are smooth, and the handle strongly built.

It comes in three colours; mine, rose, a lovely bright-ish pink with a snake skin-like texture, baby pink and silver, both with a metal finish – all in 38.5cm width, 62cm height, 30cm depth and 7.4kg of fabulousness.

Would I recommended that anyone that has a considerable amount of make-up and cosmetics buy one? Definitely. If you don’t have that much, Beauty Boxes has an exciting range of practical, durable and versatile beauty boxes and trolleys which are also very pretty and stylish, to cater for varied needs – oh, and with free delivery!

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makemeupkia's blogspot - Zarrin Beauty Box in Adele

I love seeing how other beauty bloggers store their beauty products. I  pop all my nail varnishes in a glass kilner jar and store most of my make up in little beauty bags. Recently, I was sent this lovely box from They sell a wide range of beauty boxes to keep your make up organised. I fell in love with this cath kidson-esque floral print instantly, look how pretty it is!

The inside is really spacious and has a little mirror on the top and also a pouch for holding things such a make up brushes. The quality of the box is very good, actually offer a years warranty on any defective materials which is reassuring! The box is sturdy so i'll be using it when i take my make up travelling with me. It also comes with a lock to keep your contents safe.
I thought, as it is nearly Christmas (13 days people!) this would make such a cute gift idea. If you filled it with beauty products,below, you could make a DIY hamper & whoever you give it to can re-use the box!

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somanylovelythings' Product review: Beauty Boxes make up brushes

Oh, I was delighted to receive a set of make up brushes from Beauty Boxes. Yes, you remember right, they are the people responsible for that gorgeous Genoa beauty box I can call mine (by the way, we are so happy together).

I got the set that comes in a lovely pouch and comes with 9 brushes: 3 face (duo fibre, blusher and foundation), 5 eye (shading, blending, crease, small shader and angled brushes) and lip liner. It also come with a soft powder puff.  In addition to that, I got the angled contour, the flat powder, a normal powder and a cute kabuki brush in a pouch.

The quality of this brushes is very good, they are all very soft on the skin. All brushes have the brand and also their function printed on – which is excellent for beginners!

Starting with the face, I found the powder and blusher really soft! They pick up product well, and distribute evenly. The foundation brush is also soft but firm enough, also with even distribution. The flat powder and the angled contour are precise. I love the flat powder to apply finishing/setting powder and the angled to chisel cheekbones!  The kabuki performs really well, love it for buffing and blending powders. The only one I wasn’t too keen on was the duo fibre; I use this type of brush to apply serum and then primer. Somehow this one didn’t work as well for me as my current one – but that might be because I am so used to mine. All the others however, are fantastic!

The eye brushes are also great. The shader have the right texture – not too soft, not too hard. The crease and blending ones are fluffy to do the job right and the angled liner is precise. I created this festive gold look using some of them.

The lip brush is also good, although I think it can double up as an eye liner and I don’t line my lips with a brush – I use a pencil!

The set of 9 brushes retails for £71.45 – that is great value at under £8 per brush – really recommend this set, it is a really reliable all rounder. The other four brushes are sold individually and cost between £19.45 and £29.95 and they do free delivery!

For more information on the Beauty Boxes brushes (plus other goods) and to buy online, click here.

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somanylovelythings' Product review: Beauty Boxes San Remo beauty case

Wild! This gorgeous beauty box from Beauty Boxes is not only functional but also pretty!

The zebra print is lovely and it has a light texture to it too. The size is as I expected and this box is on the small side (the company has a great range with lots of different sizes), but fitted more than I thought! Immediately when seeing it, I thought it would make a great hair styling tools and products box – and it didn’t disappoint.

In the bottom compartment, I fit a professional hair dryer, my straighteners and my curling wand, as well as my brushes and a can of product. In the pull up compartments, I could put other accessories and products. I like that the drawers are different depth and sizes, this is really handy! I could definitely fit more stuff than I did in the pictures!

 As expected from a Beauty Boxes box, this item is built to a high standard; all hinges and locks are smooth, the finish is great, the delivery service was superb. It even came with a little stickers saying the name of the person who packed it, and a quality checklist inside, also signed by the person doing the controls! Really nice!

This particular box retails for just over £50 and can be found San Remo Cosmetics & Make-up Beauty Case, in many finishes, and also browse their fantastic range (including my gorgeous Genoa trolley and make-up brushes).

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