Thursday 7 March 2013

Getlippie blogspot's Monaco Beauty Trolley Review From

This is the Monaco Beauty Trolley from, and she's been on my beauty wishlist for longer than I care to remember, certainly since before I became a beauty blogger! Now I have one finally, and I'm wondering what took me so long ... Makeup storage has been a problem for me for a very long time, I've been collecting makeup for the best part of 20 years, after all!

The Monaco is a professional trolley, designed with hair stylists and makeup artists alike.  It consists of two parts, the lower, deep section, which you can set up as you like with the included dividers, and the top section, which is a more traditional kind of train case.  It comes complete with a spare lid so you can use the two sections individually:
I'm absolutely in love with this, I keep it in the living room next to my desk, and I keep the top filled with my foundation collection, and the bottom has all the stuff I haven't got around to reviewing yet ...
It's fairly hefty, reaching about 2 & 1/2 feet tall, and it weighs a good 20lbs empty, but it feels good and sturdy,  and as I won't be dragging it around airports and the like, the weight doesn't bother me too much.  It holds a fair amount too:
I like that the bottom section is deep so you can keep taller products in there, and that it comes complete with a tray for smaller items too.  You also get a carry-strap for carrying around the top section as a case if you so wanted.

It also comes a luggage handle, so you can pull it around with you.  There's a lot of good detailing:
I really wasn't expecting the snakeskin effect on the leather covering the case, so that came as a really nice surprise, it's lockable, and easy to take apart and put together, I really love it.  It'd make the perfect present for someone who is obsessed with makeup, and it makes a great talking point!

You can get this in black or baby-pink too, and it costs £127.45 from the Monaco Trolley page at  But, if your needs are lesser than mine (and they most likely are), then beauty-boxes.comhave a fantastic range of other storage products for your makeup, so you can't go wrong ...

The original Product Review from our customers blog:


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