About Us
Our background
Beauty Boxes specialise in beauty accessories for the beauty professional and beauty consumer. We design, produce and sell beauty cases, beauty trolleys, cosmetic cases, travel cases and professional beauty products. We have designed and manufactured bespoke beauty cases for Racoon International as well as supplied beauty boxes to Urban Retreat, Elemis, L'Oreal, Maybelline, Yves St Laurent, Revlon, Mac and Wella.

Setting beauty trends
Our product design reflects celebrity, fashion, practicality and durability. We constantly review and extend our large and attractive beauty product range, considering customer needs and seasonal trends.

Celebrity inspiration
As a result, we have a celebrity following and have teamed up with one of the industry's most revered make-up artists, Lubna Rafiq to create a limited edition beauty case.
In addition to selling Beauty Boxes online, we supply specialist beauty retailers, luxury department stores (Selfridges and Fenwicks) as well as other beauty-focused retailers and online channels (QVC), however we do not have any retail outlets ourselves. Beauty Boxes have an excellent track record in great customer service and producing desirable consumer storage products.

Responsible trading
We fully consider the environmental impact of our business. We are constantly looking to update our environmental policy as issues arise, but here are some of the actions we currently take:

  • We ask our staff to use public transport, car share or cycle whenever possible.
  • We always consider whether any business travel is absolutely necessary.
  • We provide dedicated recycling bins in our business premises and encourage staff to recycle.
  • We have signs reminding staff not to waste energy or water unnecessarily.


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